How to Use Adplexity and What are the advantages of it?

New Spy Tools are released every day.

So, the question that lingers on the minds of affiliate marketers is; Which is the best Spy Tool?

As an affiliate marketer, every coin you spend has to provide a good ROI. Consequently, you have to find a Spy Tool that caters to your particular needs.

We always like to offer the best advise to our esteemed readers. To do this, we test all the Spy Tools worth testing.

This way, we can speak clearly to you and offer first-hand insights into the tool.

Today, we will talk about an incredible Spy Tool; AdPlexity!

In our AdPlexity Review, you will learn How to Use Adplexity.

And as a reward for staying with us, we will provide a list of AdPlexity Coupon Code for unbelievable discounts!

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How to Use AdPlexity

AdPlexity is a formidable Spy Tool for Mobile, Adult, and Native Ads. You can use AdPlexity to see what your competition is up to.

AdPlexity prides itself in being an all-in-one tool. This means when you use AdPlexity, you can expect to see virtually everything you need to start and run a successful Ad campaign.

You will see all the Ads your rivals are running including their graphics, landing pages, links, and social media pages.

Additionally, you can see all the products they are selling, how much they charge and the booster Apps they use.

Now that you know exactly what AdPlexity does, here is how to use AdPlexity.

AdPlexity allows you to achieve a number of crucial things in your bid to attain advertising success.

Advanced Search and Filter

On AdPlexity, you can search for Ads by Keyword, Advertiser, Publisher, or Affiliate Network.

Moreover, you can filter by Ad Type, Device, Size, Country, Language, Traffic Source, Affiliate Network or Tracking Tool.

If you are looking into a particular competitor, you can get an in-depth analysis of the offers they are promoting, their profit margins, traffic and funnelling sources, and campaign angles.

The AdPlexity Search and Filter Tool offers all the details you need to create a replica Ad campaign.

Eliminate Non-Affiliate Offers

The essence of spying is to copy what other affiliates, like yourself are doing.

AdPlexity recognizes the complication that arises when affiliate results are mixed with branded campaigns. For this reason, they offered a way to filter results so that only affiliate offers remain.

You can do this by filtering through the Affiliate Networks Tool as well as the Tracking Tool.

Filter Ads by “Received Most Traffic”

AdPlexity offers numerous ways to filter your results. You can automatically see what is working by choosing to see Ads that received the most traffic.

These filters are important because they highlight all the trending Ads and show you who’s running them and how.

Downloadable Landing Pages

If you see a landing page that you would like to use, AdPlexity allows you to download it right from the page interface.

Alternatively, if you click on a particular Ad, you will be able to see all the outbound URLs as well as the option to download the landing page.

That is basically how to use AdPlexity.

AdPlexity Products

As earlier stated, AdPlexity created individual products for each of the services they provide.

In our books, this is a plus because it makes it easier for you to select exactly the tool you need.

Below are AdPlexity Products and their uses.

  1. AdPlexity Mobile

AdPlexity mobile deals with Mobile Popup Ads and In-App Ads. Additionally, it covers the hidden carrier-specific Ads. The Ads run in 75 countries.

Our exclusive AdPlexity Mobile Coupon is MEGPLEXITY50 . Your subscription will be $149 monthly instead of $199!

  1. AdPlexity Desktop

AdPlexity Desktop is all about Ads running on Desktop. You will see Ads from 75 countries as well as in-depth analysis on Desktop Ad Exchanges.

Our once in a lifetime AdPlexity Desktop Coupon Code is MEGPLEXITY50. You will pay only $149 per month while your competitors pay $199!

  1. AdPlexity Native

AdPlexity native highlights 7 of the most important sources of Native Ad Traffic. You will see Ads from over 30 countries including all the Ads targeting the most popular channels.

Moreover, you can filter your Ads by device, for example, PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad, and Tablet.

You deserve our fabulous AdPlexity Native Coupon Code; MEGPLEXITY80 . Go ahead and pay $169 monthly down from $249!

  1. AdPlexity Push

AdPlexity Push showcases over 10 powerful Push Traffic Sources and Ads running across 80 countries.

You can also get in on top-secret carrier-specific Ads that provide a fresh little-known source of traffic.

Check out our AdPlexity Push Coupon Code as promised. Use MEGPLEXITY20 and end up paying $129 per month in place of $149!

  1. AdPlexity E-Commerce

AdPlexity e-commerce commands respect in the e-store arena. With over 100,000 stores and 70M products, you will always have a profitable product to promote.

AdPlexity e-commerce offers loads of useful insights into the featured stores as well as the individual products on sale.

If AdPlexity E-Commerce is your kind of Spy Tool, grab our AdPlexity E-commerce Coupon Code now. Key in MEGPLEXITY50 to pay $149per month down from $199!

  1. AdPlexity Carriers

AdPlexity Carriers appeals to more than affiliates. It is meant for use by Affiliate Networks, Mobile Advertisers, Ad Agencies, Ad Verification Systems, and App Developers among others.

You can run you Ad campaigns in foreign countries thanks to AdPlexity Carriers’ REAL 3G/LTE proxies. The network spreads across over 80 carriers in 30 countries.

Our AdPlexity Carriers Coupon Code is MEGPLEXITY20. You will only pay $129 monthly in place of $149!

  1. AdPlexity Adult

AdPlexity adult is a doorway into the lucrative market of adult entertainment. You will gain access to Adult popup traffic sources as well as insights into Adult Ad Exchange.

Ads run across 75 countries.

Our exclusive AdPlexity Adult Coupon Code is MEGPLEXITY50. You only have to pay $149 per month as your rivals pay $199!


AdPlexity has proven itself as one of the best Spy Tools in the market. Moreover, the company is ever inventing and tweaking existing products. Soon, AdPlexity will be the only tool worth your time of day.

Save a fortune by using our AdPlexity Coupon Codes.

Share your experiences, we would love to hear what you have to say.


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